Preplanning a Funeral

We all know that death is part of life and that it awaits us. It might be tomorrow, or it might be many years down the line. Because we know this, it is only sensible to do funeral preplanning, ensure we have funeral cover, get our funeral wishes on paper and make them known and use a Life File for all the documents our loved ones will need.

Talking about our funeral wishes and engaging in funeral preplanning is not a morbid subject that needs to be avoided. It is an opportunity to realise the value of life and our time with our loved ones. It is an opportunity to share our wishes for ourselves and our loved ones when we have passed. It is an opportunity to make the emotional time after our passing easier as our loved ones don’t need to worry about finances or funeral options because everything is already in place.

My Funeral Wishes

Doing some preplanning with regard to your own funeral means that you are considering your loved ones and you are actually doing them a huge favour. It will be a source of comfort for those you leave behind when the time comes if they know that your funeral is exactly what you would have wanted.

Furthermore, you are saving them from making important financial decisions when in fact they need time to grieve your passing. One cannot think straight when you have lost someone dear to you. It is the worst thing ever if your family members were kept in the dark and they have no idea what your wishes were because you never told anyone what you would have wanted!

You can relay your funeral wishes by visting us and/or discussing it with a close family member. You may wish to consult your funeral director and give your wishes in writing. Some people also pay for their funerals in advance.

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My Life File

Ensure that your wishes are easily accessible in case of emergency by keeping a LIFE FILE – then make sure your next-of-kin knows where your LIFE FILE is kept! In doing some preplanning, the peace of mind that it brings for you and your family is immeasurable. Everybody will know that your affairs are in order. We would like to invite you to visit us for a cup of tea, whilst discussing this important matter. Make sure you are remembered for the right reasons and not because of the chaos you left behind for your loved ones to sort out, or because your affairs were not in order.

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